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The Solution To All Your Packing & Unpacking Woes

Have you set the date to shift to your new place? Congratulations! But wait.

Have you packed all your belongings?

The valuable furniture, the fragile cutlery, the heavy tools, the children’s toys, and everything else?

From purchasing boxes and wrapping material to labeling boxes and carefully placing each item, packing can be quite overwhelming – there’s no doubt about it.

Then, to think, you have to unpack it all when you reach your new place. Well, that makes it all even more complicated.

But there’s no need to stress yourself.

At My Space Moving, we take complete responsibility for all your packing and unpacking!

Professional Packing/Unpacking On Your Terms

Packing and unpacking isn’t just a strenuous physical task.

It also has a significant emotional burden and only you know the true value of your belongings.

At My Space Moving, we make sure the packing and unpacking part of moving is done on your terms.

Our team works with you and your family to box and label each item with high-quality packaging material and immense care.

From optimizing space to minimizing the risk of any valuable being damaged, we guarantee a hassle free move from your old place to new one.

On top of it, we get the task done promptly and efficiently.

Entrust My Space Moving with your loading and off-loading needs!


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How We Pack/Unpack At My Space Moving?
The team of moving experts at My Space Moving will help you pack and unpack with ease.We come equipped with boxes, tools and materials to get the job done swiftly.We pack the fragile, hefty, antique, wooden and lightweight stuff in dedicated boxes with proper labeling.Everything is bubble wrapped safely and we ensure not a single item gets unattended. No breaking, under packed or overpacked boxes!Here’s what we offer you:
  • Polite & Friendly Staff
  • Affordable Rates
  • Free Upfront Quote
  • Effective & Space-saving Packing
  • Insurance Coverage
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support

Our Three-Step Packing & Unpacking Process!
At My Space Moving, we have a standardized packing/unpacking procedure! Our 3-step packing and unpacking process is as follows:

Step 1

Give us a call and provide us all the necessary details.

Step 2

Our packers will arrive on time to pack your stuff swiftly and carefully.

Step 3

At your new location, we will unpack your belongings and help you set up.
If you want your items packed and unpacked safely, quickly, affordably, and professionally My Space Moving is the team for you!

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We have Years of experience in Residential and Commercial moves in Boston area. My Space Moving help people and businesses to relocate without stress.

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